Againity ORC turbine installed in Töreboda

The first kilowatt hours of renewable electricity are now produced from residual wood shavings at the heating plant in Töreboda. VänerEnergi has installed an innovative solution that converts hot water from their biomass boiler into electricity for the heating plant’s own consumption. The so-called ORC turbine has an installed power of 50 kW electricity, which corresponds to the annual production of 140 single-family homes with solar cells.

”An investment entirely in line with our environmental goals and which is also economically profitable,” says Kjell-Åke Wallström, district heating manager at VänerEnergi. ”For a long time, we have been producing renewable electricity in our with Metsä Tissue co-owned combined heat and power plant in Mariestad. After the commissioning of the ORC turbine, which took place in mid-April, we can also produce renewable electricity in Töreboda and rename the ”heating plant” to a ”CHP plant”. On an annual basis, the installation will result in emission savings of 230 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, when replacing European electricity production.”

Small-scale cogeneration with this type of steam turbine is becoming increasingly common on Swedish heating plants. The turbine in Töreboda has been delivered by Againity AB that manufactures turbine units from 20 to 2500 kW and now builds the twelfth ORC turbine. The majority of customers are just biofuel-fired hot water boilers on heating plants in Sweden and Norway.

”We are pleased that VänerEnergi chooses to be at the forefront and invest in climate-smart cogeneration”, says Elin Ledskog, sales manager at Againity. ”Electricity production is still lacking at the majority of our Swedish heating plants, which represents a fantastic opportunity for increased renewable, flexible and local electricity production that our electricity network urgently needs. ”

In VänerEnergi’s overall environmental goals for the district heating business area, it has been stated that the electricity dependence on own production facilities will be reduced by 40% by 2030 and that at least 20% of electricity consumption in 2020 will be produced in own production facilities. The ORC turbine in Töreboda is expected to produce 265 MWh of electricity per year, which corresponds to 32% of total electricity consumption and thus means that VänerEnergi can reach the sub-target by 2020 and are well on the way to reaching the final goal of 40% by 2030.

Bild: VänerEnergi.

Delivery of Againity’s ORC turbine to VänerEnergi’s heating plant in Töreboda.

Bild: VänerEnergi.

The 50 kW ORC turbine installed at the heating plant.