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Perstorp to upgrade to combined heat and power with an ORC

In Skåne, southern Sweden, local district heating provider Perstorps Fjärrvärme AB will upgrade its 12 MW biomass-fired heat plant to become a combined heat and power (CHP) plant. This the company will achieve by installing a 250 kW Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) unit at the heating plant. Jointly owned by E.ON Sverige AB, a subsidiary of Germany-headed energy major E.ON AG and Perstorp’s municipality, Perstorps Fjärrvärme has chosen to invest in

Ragn-Sells goes circular with Againity’s ORC turbine

The waste management company Ragn-Sells is choosing to invest in new, future-proof technology from Againity AB in order to maximize electricity production. The new technology will increase the existing electrical efficiency of the existing plant. ”For us, it is about finding continuous improvements that lead us towards a more sustainable society. With this investment, we utilize the resources that already exist, stop flaring and contribute to a reduced climate impact”,

First open visit to VänerEnergi’s ORC turbine

On May 16, the first open demonstration was held at the newly installed ORC turbine at VänerEnergi’s heating plant in Töreboda. Heating companies, consultants and suppliers learned more about small-scale electricity production and what it means to upgrade a heating plant to a CHP plant. Thank you to all participants for your engagement and exciting conversations about the potential for increased small-scale electricity production from biomass. Were you not able

Againity ORC turbine installed in Töreboda

The first kilowatt hours of renewable electricity are now produced from residual wood shavings at the heating plant in Töreboda. VänerEnergi has installed an innovative solution that converts hot water from their biomass boiler into electricity for the heating plant’s own consumption. The so-called ORC turbine has an installed power of 50 kW electricity, which corresponds to the annual production of 140 single-family homes with solar cells. ”An investment entirely

Alvesta Energi AB invests in small-scale CHP

The wood chip fired heating plant in Moheda is now being upgraded to a combined heat and power plant. Alvesta Energi AB has ordered a new type of small-scale steam turbine (ORC turbine) for electricity production from the existing hot water boiler on the heating plant. ”We have chosen this as our first step in creating local, small-scale and renewable electricity”, ”says Mats Karlsson, CEO of Alvesta Energi. ”We do

Solör Bioenergy installs ORC turbine

2018-11-07: Solor Bioenergy has now installed their first ORC turbine and thereby upgraded the wood chip fired heating plant in Hörby to a CHP. Adding new green electricity to our European energy system!

VänerEnergi AB invests in renewable power generation

2018-10-22: During spring 2019, the VänerEnergi will install an ORC turbine to the hot water boiler at Töreboda heating plant.

700 people have visited the ORC system in Bräkne-Hoby

2018-10-10: Since the spring of 2017, over 700 people have visited the ORC system which Againity has delivered to the district heating plant of Bräkne-Hoby.

Swedish Energy Agency supports Againity

Againity has developed a technique for converting low heat to electricity. The technology resembles that of conventional steam plants, but is based on a so-called Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Againity has succeeded in scaling down the technology with sustained cost-effectiveness, and is today the market leader in ORC systems with an output of less than 400 kW. The technology enables smaller heat plants to be easily upgraded to electricity generating CHP plants. The

E.ON highlights Againity

E.ON is committing to sell renewable and recycled energy only in 2025 and highlights Againity’s ORC turbines as part of the solution for a more sustainable energy system. (in Swedish)   E.ON Sverige