Electricity from biogas

From waste water to electricity! The unutilized excess gas produced at the waste water treatment plant in Norrköping is now turned into electricity and hot water. Againity has delivered a containerized solution with a biogas boiler, accumulator tank and ORC system. The hot water generated from the system is used

Againity on the ”33 list” – again!

For the second year Againity is on the list of Swedens top 33 hottest tech start ups.

New ORC generates electricity on heating plant

Againity has now commissioned another ORC system, this time at the heating plant in Ronneby. Part of the hot water from the boiler is now turned into electricity in the 50 kW ORC system. The electricity is not only locally produced but also weather independent, fossil free and cost effective.

Againity awarded Green Seed of the Year

Againity has had the honour to receive the title”Green Seed of the Year” with the motivation of ”having shown great commitment and a fantastic innovation within the area of sustainability and environmental issues”. A warm thank you to Norrköpings Miljönätverk for the award! http://www.folkbladet.se/nyheter/norrkoping/de-vann-arets-miljopriser-om4409315.aspx

Order to waste water treatment plant

Againity has sold an ORC system together with a biogas boiler to a waste water treatment plant in Norrköping, Sweden, owned by Norrköping Vatten och Avfall AB. The containerized system will turn the biogas into electricity and hot water for internal use on the plant. http://affarsliv.com/nyheter/prestigeorder-till-norrkopingsforetaget-om4402145.aspx

Order to heating plant

2016-09-12 First sale after the summer! Againity’s ORC system will generate electricity in the bio fuelled heating plant in Bräkne-Hoby, Sweden, owned by Ronneby Miljöteknik Energi AB. The installation is part of  EU’s Life+ project. http://www.energikontorsydost.se/a/ny-anlaggning-for-smaskalig-kraftvarme-i-brakne-hoby-pa-gang

Finalist in Super StartUp of the Year

2016-04-28 This year’s Super Startup Summit appointed Againity one of the nine finalists. http://www.va.se/nyheter/2016/04/27/deras-mjukvara-omvandlar-afrikanska-soptippar-till-klimatvanlig-el/

Againity on the list of Sweden’s 33 hottest tech start ups

2016-04-12 Tonight Againity is celebrated as one of Sweden’s 33 hottest tech start-ups during the “33-listan” ceremony in Munich Brewery in Stockholm.

Waste-to-energy project in Kenya

2016-03-09 The Kenyan municipality Eldoret is first in the world to transform their waste dumpsite into electricity and hot water with Againitys waste management plant. Kenya’s Ambassador to Sweden and Uasin Gishu’s Deputy Governor are interviewed on national television: https://youtu.be/73nbdZgLto8.

Top 25 Nordic Cleantech Open

2016-02-15 Againity has been appointed one of the best Nordic Cleantech start-ups and qualified to top 25 in the competition Nordic Cleantech Open.