Biomass and municipal waste

Produce your own green electricity! By incinerating wood chips, municipal waste, biogas or other types of biomass in a boiler and connect it to Againity’s ORC system you can become your own electricity producer. The hot water from the ORC system can be used for district heating/cooling networks or for local heat demands in industries, hospitals or hotels. See ”References” for examples of Againity’s completed ORC installations.


If you have an exisiting heating plant with a hot water or steam boiler we can upgrade your plant to a combined heat and power plant. With your own electricity production you reduce your energy bills and contribute to a greener and more weather-independent energy system.

We also offer biogas boilers together with ORC turbines for installation at landfills or waste water treatment plants.

Brochure – Heating plants – Againity

Municipal waste

Againity’s comprehensive offer of small-scale waste management plants includes not only the waste incinerator and the ORC system, but also training of your staff in waste management and sorting. The picture below illustrates the layout of one of Againity’s waste management plants.

Brochure – Municipal Waste – Againity