Power for a new generation
Power for a new generation

With Againity’s ORC system you can use your low-grade heat for renewable and weather-independent electricity production.

From waste to electricity
From waste to electricity

Convert your waste heat into electricity with Againity’s ORC system. You lower your costs while contributing to a greener energy system.

Add on – get more
Add on – get more

Connect Againity’s ORC system to your hot water boiler and upgrade your heating plant to a cogeneration plant.

ORC for heating plants

If you have an exisiting heating plant with a hot water or steam boiler we can upgrade your plant to a combined heat and power plant.
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Industrial waste heat

Convert your waste heat into electrical energy with Againitys ORC system and start gaining energy! This benefits both your business and the environment.
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ORC for solar heat

Solar and geothermal heat can also be used as a heat source in the ORC system.
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Power plants

Connect your waste heat to Againity’s ORC system and the heat energy is converted into valuable electricity.
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Againity’s ORC system enables small-scale solutions for waste-to-energy.
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Againity offers seven standard models from 50 kW and up to 2,5 MW.
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Visit a reference plant

Would you like to visit an ORC system in operation? Together with our customers we organize Demonstration Days where you learn more about the ORC technology and get the chance to hear our customers share their experience of installing and operating an ORC system.


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Application Engineer for Againity’s continued expansion

We’re recruiting to our Swedish team in Norrköping. Further information in Swedish below. Som applikationsingenjör...
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Nevel invests in an ORC turbine at Tibro heat plant

Nevel AB, the Swedish arm of the Nordic energy utility infrastructure company Nevel Group has...
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Case study at Perstorp Fjärrvärme AB

Reference installations

  • TP Test plant, Norrköping (2013)
  • Chemical factory, Karlstad (2016)
  • WWTP, Norrköping, 50 kW ORC (2017)
  • Heating plant, Ronneby, 50 kW ORC (2017)
  • CHP f. greenhouse, Katrineholm, 50 kW ORC (2017)
  • Heating plant, Hörby, 50 kW ORC (2018)
  • Heating plant, Örkelljunga, 250 kW ORC (2018)
  • Heating plant, Töreboda, 50 kW ORC (2019)
  • Heating plant, Moheda, 50 kW ORC (2019)
  • Landfill, Norrköping, 120 kW ORC  (2019)
  • Heating plant, Högsby, 50 kW ORC (2019)
  • Waste incinerator, Elverum, 0.5 MW ORC (2019)
  • Heating plant, Perstorp, 315 kW (2020)
  • Heating plant, Vilhelmina, 250 kW (2020)
  • Heating plant, Svenljunga, 315 kW ORC (2020)
  • Heating plant, Ystad 1, 250 kW ORC (2020)
  • Waste incinerator, Finspång, 0.5 MW (2020)
  • Heating plant, Ystad 2, 250 kW ORC (2021)
  • Heating plant, Ystad 3, 250 kW ORC (2021)
  • Heating plant, Gamleby, 90 kW ORC (2021)
  • Heating plant, Gislaved , 200 kW ORC (2021)
  • Waste incinerator, Nuuk, 355 kW ORC (2021)
  • Heating plant, Flen, 100 kW ORC (2021)
  • Heating plant, Tomelilla, 100 kW ORC (2021)
  • Heating plant, Tibro, 100 kW ORC (2022)
  • Heating plant, Emmaboda, 100 kW (2022)
  • Heating plant, Karlskrona, 355 kW (2022)
  • Waste incinerator, Tallinn, 110 kW (2022)