The technology behind Againity’s ORC system 

Againitys system is based on the long-known ORC technology (Organic Rankine Cycle), which is illustrated in the image below. The technology includes a steam turbine set in motion by the pressure from hot steam. The rotating turbine then drives a generator that produces electricity.

To heat up the steam, some heat source is needed. Any heat with a temperature from 90 degrees Celsius can be utilized in the system. It may be heat from a boiler that burns wood chips, landfill gas or household waste, waste heat from a Diesel generator, hot water from solar panels, or waste heat from an industrial process.

The efficiency of the ORC system is dependent on the temperature difference between the system’s hot and cold side.

Thanks to the unique design of our patented turbine and the low number of moving parts in the system, a high-quality product can be offered. This minimizes the need for service and maintenance and significantly shortens the payback time.

The illustration below shows a flow chart of an ORC system connected to a boiler and the hot side and a district heating network on the cold side.

Visualization of energy flows in Againity’s ORC system when connected to hotwater boiler and district heating network.