Kungälv Heating Plant, Sweden

Kungälv Heating Plant, Sweden


The heating plant in Kungälv is owned by Kungälv Energi AB and uses bio-boilers to produce district heating for the municipality. Kungälv aims to be 100% fossil-free, where an investment in an ORC is ideal for a fossil-free electricity production. With the investment in an ORC system, Kungälv contributes to a more sustainable and climate-smart society.

Our solution:

Againity delivered an automated ORC system with a maximum capacity of 560 kW electricity production. The ORC system enables electricity production from the boiler’s hot water. In total, the system is expected to produce 3080 MWh annually, corresponding to emission savings of 2772 tonnes of CO2 equivalents when substituting coal-based electricity.

Owner: Kungälv Energi AB
Location: Kungälv, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 10.5 MW
Fuel: Biofuel
Heat generation: 72.2 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 150°C
Return temperature district heating: 48°C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT500
Expected electricity generation: 3080 MWh/year