ETC solar energy park with greenhouse heating, Sweden

ETC solar energy park with greenhouse heating, Sweden


ETC solar energy park is one of Sweden’s largest solar parks with a capacity of 400 kW. The solar park is owned by ETC and is located in Katrineholm. In 2017, it was decided that the solar park would be supplemented with a combined electricity and heat production facility connected to a greenhouse for tomatoes. The facility includes two heat sources consisting of concentrating solar panels and a biomass fired boiler. The heat sources are connected to an ORC system that produces electricity and hot water for the greenhouse. The plant also includes an accumulator tank to even out daily energy fluctuations.

Our solution:

Againity delivered an automated ORC system with a maximum capacity of 49.9 kW electricity as well as a flue gas heat exchanger, a hot water tank and a cooling system.

Owner: ETC EI
Location: Katrineholm, Sweden
Fuel: Wood chips
Heat source: Concentrating solar collectors and biomass boiler Biomacon
Available heat: 400 kW
Againity’s delivery: Flue gas heat exchanger, hot water tank, ORC AT50, cooling system
Max electricity capacity: 49.9 kW
Max heat capacity: 350 kW to greenhouse