Häradsudden waste treatment plant

Häradsudden waste treatment plant


Häradsudden waste treatment plant in Norrköping is owned by Ragn-Sells Avfallsbehandling AB. Häradsudden is one of Sweden’s largest waste facilities and receives most types of waste for handling, treatment and recycling. The landfill already had two gas turbines that produced electricity from parts of the extracted landfill gas. To increase the total electrical efficiency of the plant, Ragn-Sells chose to collaborate with Againity and invest in a container-based combined plant that includes a gas boiler and an ORC turbine. The ORC turbine is supplied with heat from both the hot water of the gas boiler and the waste heat from the two gas turbines.

Our solution:

Againity delivered a complete container with a gas boiler and an automated ORC system for electricity production with a maximum capacity of 120 kW electricity. The ORC system can partly use the heat energy from the existing gas turbines by converting the heat from the chimney into electricity. When there is enough available landfill gas, the gas boiler starts automatically and produces hot water for the ORC system, which then produces additional electricity. Ragn-Sells has chosen to sign a service agreement with Againity to ensure a long service life and minimal maintenance.

Owner: Ragn-Sells Avfallsbehandling AB
Location: Norrköping, Sweden
Heat source: Hot water from gas boiler + gas turbines
Fuel: Landfill gas
Againity’s delivery: Gas boiler + ORC AT100
Max capacity: 120 kW