Moheda heating plant, Sweden

Moheda heating plant, Sweden


The heating plant in Moheda is owned by Alvesta Energi AB, which strives for a secure and efficient energy supply to residents and companies in Alvesta municipality. The plant consists of a 6 MW hot water boiler that burns local biofuel consisting of wood chips. To generate its own small-scale and renewable electricity, Alvesta Energi chose to install an ORC turbine from Againity to their existing boiler.

Our solution:

Againity delivered an automated ORC system with a maximum capacity of 49.9 kW electricity production. The ORC system enables electricity production from the boiler’s hot water. In total, the system is expected to produce 170 MWh of electricity annually, corresponding to annual emissions savings of 153 CO2 equivalents when substituting coal-based electricity. Alvesta Energi has chosen to sign a service agreement with Againity to ensure a long service life and minimal maintenance.

Owner: Alvesta Energi AB
Location: Moheda, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 6 MW hot water boiler
Fuel: Wood chips
Heat generation: 13.2 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 115 °C
Return temperature district heating: 50 °C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT50
Max capacity: 49.9 kW
Expected electricity generation: 170 MWh/year