Norrköping wastewater treatment plant, Sweden

Norrköping wastewater treatment plant, Sweden


Norrköping’s wastewater treatment plant is owned by NODRA AB (formerly Norrköping Vatten och Avfall AB). The plant produces biogas that is primarily sold and upgraded to vehicle gas. To take advantage of the surplus gas that could not be sold, NODRA chose to collaborate with Againity and invest in a biogas-to-energy system.

Our solution:

Againity delivered a complete container with gas boiler, hot water tank and an automated ORC system with a capacity of 49.9 kW electricity gross. The plant is estimated to produce approximately 85 MWh of electricity and 1000 MWh of hot water annually. The hot water is used internally to heat the plant’s digestion chamber. NODRA has chosen to sign a service agreement with Againity to ensure a long service life and minimal maintenance.

Owner: NODRA (Norrköping Vatten och Avfall)
Location: Norrköping, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 5 MW hot water boiler
Fuel: Biogas
Heat generation: 900 MWh/year
Againity’s delivery: Container with gas boiler, hot water tank and ORC AT50
Max electricity capacity: 49.9 kW
Max heat capacity: 1400 kW