ORC to Solör Bioenenergi at Hörby district heating plant

ORC to Solör Bioenenergi at Hörby district heating plant

Rindi Syd AB, part of Solör Bioenergi Group, invests in an ORC turbine from Againity to produce green electricity at Hörby heating plant. With the ORC turbine, parts of the hot water from the wood chip boiler will be converted to electricity for local consumption at the heating plant.

We see Againity’s ORC solutions as an interesting alternative where more traditional ORC suppliers and steam turbines do not fit for applications with existing heating plants primarily designed for heat deliveries, says Sten Bergman, Technical Manager at Solör Bioenergi. We expect approximately 400 MWh of electricity production from the Hörby plant, which covers our own needs and gives us a great opportunity to evaluate the potential of the technology.

The ORC turbine at Hörby’s heating plant will be installed in the fall of 2018 and will be Againity’s sixth installation in Sweden. Solör Bioenergi today supplies district heating in 43 locations where Hörby becomes the first heating plant to install an ORC turbine.

Againity thanks for the opportunity to install an ORC turbine at Hörby’s heating plant, and welcomes that also private actors have now opened their eyes to local-produced electricity on heating plants, says David Frykerås, CEO and founder of Againity.


Sten Bergman, Technical Manager of Solör Bioenergi, and David Frykerås, CEO of Againity, will transform Hörby’s heating plant to a combined heat and power plant by installing the Againity ORC turbine.