Alvesta Energi AB invests in small-scale CHP

The wood chip fired heating plant in Moheda is now being upgraded to a combined heat and power plant. Alvesta Energi AB has ordered a new type of small-scale steam turbine (ORC turbine) for electricity production from the existing hot water boiler on the heating plant.

“We have chosen this as our first step in creating local, small-scale and renewable electricity”, ”says Mats Karlsson, CEO of Alvesta Energi. “We do this with the help of an ORC turbine unit connected to our hot water boiler and we expect to produce half our own annual electricity demand at the heating plant in Moheda. The simplicity of the ORC unit and minimal rebuilding of the existing facility are the major advantages.”

During the summer of 2019, the turbine will be installed at the heating plant in Moheda. The technology is based on Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) that extracts electricity from the low-temperature hot water from the wood chip boiler.

The ORC turbine will have an output of 49.9 kW electricity, which corresponds to 140 single-family homes with solar PV cells. On an annual basis, approximately 170 MWh of electricity will be produced at
the plant. The installation on the heating plant consists of piping from the boiler circuit, piping from the district heating circuit and connection of the electric cable.

Thanks to minimal maintenance and the low cost of the turbine the installation is profitable despite the relatively low electricity prices in Swedish market. The ORC turbine becomes the number nine turbine in Sweden that the Norrköping based company Againity installs, where the majority of the turbines are connected to biomass fuelled hot water boilers.

David Frykerås, CEO of Againity, and Hans Christoffersson, responsible heat production at Alvesta Energi, at the heating plant in Moheda.

Residual products from Småland forestry will now be renewable electricity at Moheda heating plant.

Solör Bioenergy installs ORC turbine

Solör Bioenergy has now installed their first ORC turbine and thereby upgraded the wood chip fired heating plant in Hörby to a CHP. Adding new green electricity to our European energy system.

In order to produce electricity, you have traditionally needed to turn the water into steam to run a turbine. The new electric turbine, a so-called ORC turbine, will instead use parts of the hot water from the hot water boiler and transform it into electricity for local use on the heating plant.

-This technology has been developed by the supplier Againity and makes it possible to produce electricity from parts of our hot water. We expect to be able to produce about 400 MWh in the plant, which covers about 60% of our own needs. The great thing about this type of power generation is that it provides continuous electricity production regardless of weather, “says Flemming Rasmussen, Regional Manager at Solör Bioenergi South.

Hörby is the first to install the ORC turbine among Solör Bioenergi’s 40 farms in Sweden.

“This is an incredibly exciting project and part of Solör’s major work on energy efficiency. We continuously work to save energy in our facilities by increasing efficiency and reducing losses. Even though we use 99% biofuel in our facilities, this is also a way of working in a climate-friendly way, says Anders Pettersson, CEO Solör Bioenergi Fjärrvärme AB.

Translated from Bioenergitidningen 2018-11-07

The ORC system is lifted into the heating plant in Hörby.

Jonas Kärner from Againity hands over the ORC system to Flemming Rasmussen and Patric Danielsson at Solör Bioenergi.

VänerEnergi AB invests in renewable power generation

During spring 2019, the VänerEnergi will install an ORC turbine to the hot water boiler at Töreboda heating plant. The technology is based on the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), which allows low-temperature heat flows, in this case 105-degree hot water, to be used to extract electricity.

One of the major advantages of being able to produce electricity while producing heat is that electricity is produced when we need it the most, that is, especially during the winter,” says Kjell-Åke Wallström, district heating manager at VänerEnergi.

On an annual basis, approximately 210 MWh of electricity will be produced at the plant, resulting in annual emissions savings of 180 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalents when replacing European marginal electricity. The ORC turbine will be the eighth of which the Norrköping based company Againity AB delivers, where the majority of turbines are instaslled to biomass fueled hot water boilers.

Although we have an increasingly urgent need for weather-independent electricity generation in our energy system, turbines are still missing in more than 400 Swedish district heating plants,” says David Frykerås, CEO of Againity. “We are pleahappy to see that VänerEnergi is at the forefront and chooses to upgrade its heating plant to CHP.”

The installation corresponds to two pipes from the boiler circuit, two pipes from the district heating system and a power cable. With minimal maintenance and low manufacturing costs the installation will be profitable despite the relatively low electricity prices on the Swedish market.

The heating plant in Töreboda is located in the area of ​​Moelven’s laminated wood factory and the residual products are delivered via transporters directly from the laminated wood factory to the heating plant. In addition to the boiler, the heating plant consists of a cutter chip that is also fired by a wood-fired boiler and a bio-oil boiler that can be started up quickly if one of the solid fuel boilers falls out. The district heating supply, which is 100% renewable, amounts to about 28,000 MWh / year, which corresponds to the annual consumption of hot water and heat in approximately 1,400 normal-sized villas.

Image from the installation of Ronneby Miljöteknik’s ORC turbine.

700 people have visited the ORC system in Bräkne-Hoby

Since spring 2017, over 700 people have visited the ORC system which Againity has delivered to the district heating plant of Bräkne-Hoby. Do you also want to come and have a closer look at an ORC system? Look out for the next demonstration day on our website or contact us at or +46 (0)705-29 32 23.

Some of the visitors during this week’s open demonstration.

Againity in final of E-prize!

Againity has been appointed to have one of Sweden’s smartest energy innovations! Today, 4 billion people put their waste in nature and the majority of our energy comes from coal and oil. If you want to vote in the competition, click here.

Welcome to visit a reference plant

Nyfiken på framtidens elproduktion med ORC-turbiner?

Nu bjuder Energikontor Sydost och Ronneby Miljö & Teknik AB) in till studiebesök vid ORC-turbinen som Againity levererat till Bräkne-Hobys värmeverk.

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Bildresultat för studiebesök bräkne-hoby orc

Visitors during study visits at Bräkne-Hoby’s heating plant in the fall of 2017.

Bildresultat för studiebesök bräkne-hoby orc

Arne Andersson at Ronneby Miljö & Teknik talks about his experiences with Againity’s ORC turbine.

Swedish Energy Agency supports Againity

Againity has developed a technique for converting low heat to electricity. The technology resembles that of conventional steam plants, but is based on a so-called Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). Againity has succeeded in scaling down the technology with sustained cost-effectiveness, and is today the market leader in ORC systems with an output of less than 400 kW. The technology enables smaller heat plants to be easily upgraded to electricity generating CHP plants.

The Swedish Energy Agency has granted Againity AB a project support of SEK 8.6 million. The company will further develop and scale up its customized turbine solution for the conversion of heat to electricity.

Come by Againity in Almedalen

See you in Almedalen!

Againity is on site with a boat in the harbor and is happy to offer coffee and talk locally produced energy, cogeneration and ORC turbines!