Svenljunga heating plant

Owner: Solör Bioenergi Fjärrvärme AB
Location: Svenljunga, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 13.4 MW steam boiler
Fuel: Wood chips
Heat generation: 26.3 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 150°C
Return temperature district heating: 47-50 °C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT315
Expected electricity generation: 1360 MWh/year

Solör Bioenergi takes delivery of third Againity ORC turbine

In Sweden, Solör Bioenergi, part of renewable energy provider Solör Bioenergy Group has taken delivery of its third Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) turbine from compatriot Againity AB, this time at its Svenljunga biomass-fired district heat plant. The “Plug’n’Play” installation will turn the facility into a combined heat and power (CHP) plant enabling it to become self-sufficient in electricity. The turbine converts hot water from district heating production into electricity.

A leading player in renewable energy based on wood fuels, Solör Bioenergy Group has operations in 147 locations, primarily in Sweden and Norway, producing and distributing district heating, steam and electricity to homes, companies, public enterprises, and industries.

The district heating plant in Svenljunga has been running since the beginning of the 1980s and has been operated by Solör Bioenergi since 2011. The plant has a biomass boiler that annually produces approximately 45 GWh of district heating from recycled wood.

Increasing efficiencies and reducing losses

Energy efficiency is an important part of Solör Bioenergi’s work and the company works continuously to save energy in the facilities by increasing efficiencies and reducing losses.

The installation of the ORC turbine is a fantastic step in the right direction for Solör Bioenergi, which works for climate-smart solutions. In addition to the fact that we will be self-sufficient in electricity, we also have the opportunity to sell some of the electricity, said Nicklas Eld, Regional Manager Solör Bioenergi Väst.

In a typical conventional power plant, water is converted into steam to drive a steam turbine in order to generate electricity. The ORC turbine being installed from Againity uses hot water from the district heating plant’s hot water system instead to generate power.

The ORC turbine is the third installation of a power turbine within Solör Bioenergi’s district heating operations. The first ORC turbine was installed two years ago at Solör Bioenergi’s district heating plant in Hörby, southern Sweden. The second ORC installation is also underway, at a district heat plant in Vilhelmina in northern Sweden.

Generating electricity for self-consumption is climate-friendly in at least two ways; we relieve the grid in the place we operate and thus benefit the general electrification of society. In addition, we buy less electricity than before, which is a clear energy efficiency improvement, remarked Anders Pettersson, CEO of Solör Bioenergi Fjärrvärme AB.

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Perstorp heating plant

Owner: Perstorp Fjärrvärme AB
Location: Perstorp, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 12 MW hot water boiler
Fuel: Wood chips
Heat generation: 37 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 132°C
Return temperature district heating: 54 °C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT200
Max capacity: 250 kW
Expected electricity generation: 1350 MWh/year

Elverum heating plant

Owner: Eidsiva Bioenergi AS
Location: Elverum, Norway
Existing heat plant: 10 MW hot water boiler
Fuel: Recycled waste wood
Heat generation: 55 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 160°C
Return temperature district heating: 62 °C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT400
Max capacity: 450 kW
Expected electricity generation: 2100 MWh/year

Högsby heating plant

Owner: Högsby Energi AB
Location: Högsby, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 4 MW hot water boiler
Fuel: Wood chips
Heat generation: 10.4 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 130 °C
Return temperature district heating: 40 °C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT50
Max capacity: 49.9 kW
Expected electricity generation: 250 MWh/year

Häradsudden waste treatment plant

Owner: Ragn-Sells Avfallsbehandling AB
Location: Norrköping, Sweden
Heat source: Hot water from gas boiler + gas turbines
Fuel: Landfill gas
Againity’s delivery: Gas boiler + ORC AT100
Max capacity: 120 kW

Moheda heating plant

Owner: Alvesta Energi AB
Location: Moheda, Sweden
Existing heat plant: 6 MW hot water boiler
Fuel: Wood chips
Heat generation: 13.2 GWh/year
Temperature boiler circuit: 115 °C
Return temperature district heating: 50 °C
Againity’s delivery: ORC AT50
Max capacity: 49.9 kW
Expected electricity generation: 170 MWh/year

Thank you Ystad Energi AB for the confidence to supply three ORC systems with total installed power of 750 kW

“We want to equip ourselves to become more self-sufficient and solve our own need for electricity. We found Againity’s solution as very interesting and we have seen that operating data and availability is satisfying. We get a local, green and fossil-free electricity production.”

Thank you Vinko Culjak and Ystad Energi AB for letting us supply three ORC systems with total installed power of 750 kW. We are happy to work with a company that is truly at the forefront of fossil-free energy production!

Link to article in Bioenergitidningen (article in Swedish):

Full house when “new” CHP plant in Moheda opened up for visitors

There was great interest when Alvesta Energi AB arranged an open visit at the newly upgraded cogeneration plant in Moheda.

During the open visit, participants from all over the country had the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about Alvesta Energy’s new ORC turbine. The turbine enables local electricity production using hot water from the existing boiler which is fired with local wood chips, a residual product from the sawmill at the neighboring property.

Mats Karlsson, CEO of Alvesta Energi, talks about the company’s vision of a better environment.

It was during the fall of 2019 that the ORC turbine was installed and commissioned at Moheda heating plant, which made Alvesta Energi first in the region of Småland with a small-scale cogeneration plant. The investment will result in 170 MWh of electricity generation per year in addition to the heat already produced for the district heating network in Moheda.

We see the investment in the ORC turbine as a step going from heat production only to combined heat and power production, using local biomass in a cost-effective way in our heating plant in Moheda, says Mats Karlsson, CEO of Alvesta Energi AB. This allows us to contribute to small-scale, local and weather-independent electricity generation to our common electricity grid.

Today, more than 400 heating plants in Sweden still lack electricity generation, but more and more energy companies are choosing to follow in Alvesta Energy’s footsteps and upgrade their heating plants to cogeneration plants – an investment with both environmental and economic benefits.

We are happy that Alvesta Energi chooses to be at the forefront, showing that also smaller heating plants can contribute to renewable baseload power, says Elin Ledskog, sales manager at Againity. Together we can be part of this necessary transition to a more energy-efficient and climate-smart future.

Elin Ledskog, Head of Sales at Againity, describes how the new ORC turbine can produce electricity from the hot water boiler at the heating plant.

Contact Information:

Elin Ledskog, Head of Sales, Againity AB: 0705-29 32 23,,

Mats Karlsson, CEO of Alvesta Energi AB: 0472-15 199,,

Bengt Andersson, operating engineer at Alvesta Energi, David Frykerås, CEO of Againity, and Håkan Nilsson, district heating manager at Alvesta Energi, in front of the new ORC turbine system that produces green electricity from wood chips.
Many visitors were curious about the new turbine during the open visit at Moheda’s heating plant.